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Femco® Drain Technology supplies a wide range of oil drain systems. Our objective is to develop an oil drain system for every application, to help change oil efficiently, safely and without causing pollution, worldwide. To supplement our range of oil drain plugs we have developed numerous accessories and drain connectors. These enable you to carry out oil changes quickly, easily and without spillages, in any setting.

Drainers for the Click Drain plug

Femco® offers a wide range of drain connectors for draining and changing oil. Our drain connectors are available in three versions: straight, 90° and 45°. Femco® designed these drain connectors to obtain an optimised oil flow and make oil changes quick and easy in any situation. For each oil drain plug we have drain connectors in several sizes. These include small drain connectors for use in restricted spaces, and large drain connectors for a high oil flow. Femco® Drain Technology has also developed a special drain connector for the Compact oil drain plugs which are particularly small and can be used in the tightest spaces. Sampling connectors are available for all drain plugs and enable you to withdraw a small volume of oil for analysis. Drain hoses are available for all drain plugs, with a length of 0.25 or 1.30 metres.

Dust covers

As our oil drain plugs are available in a number of sizes we have dust covers to match. Our range includes dust covers for both small and large drain plugs. All dust covers feature an O-ring to prevent the ingress of dust between the thread and the cover. This ensures you can always easily remove the dust cover and drain the oil. Dust covers can be fitted with a chain to secure the dust cover to the oil drain plug and avoid loss.

Clickers for the Click Drain Oil Drain Plug

Femco® Drain Technology has designed a range of “Clicker” snap-fit connectors for the Click Drain plug, to suit any vehicle, machine or hydraulic system. Clickers are available in many types and sizes, e.g. the standard Clicker which you can easily connect to a hose to drain the oil. There is also the ½ BSP Clicker which connects to a range of drain connectors to enable you to change oil quickly and easily. Femco® has also developed the Double Clicker. This design features a second valve which opens and closes simultaneously with the main valve and prevents oil spillages. Just a “click” and you are ready for an oil change. Like the ½ BSP Clicker, the Double Clicker can be used with various drain connectors to make oil changes quick and easy, wherever you are working.