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Compact Drain Valve

The Compact Drain Valve is designed to help you drain fluids from your vehicles, machines and hydraulic systems. The Compact Drain Valve is a smaller version of our Standard oil drain plug and is the perfect choice for changing oil and other fluids where space is restricted. Vehicles with a low ground clearance such as busses and fork lift trucks are just some examples. With the Compact Drain Valve you can change oil quickly and conveniently where there is little space available.

The Advantages of the Compact Drain Valve

Like our other oil drain plugs, the Femco® Compact Drain Valve is also a perfect choice for changing oil other fluids efficiently and without causing pollution. The Compact Drain Valve enables you to drain oil quickly without spillages, even were space is restricted. The dual O-rings within the dust cover prevent the ingress of dirt between the dust cover and the thread. Hence it is always simple to remove the dust cover and start the oil change.

The smallest Compact Drain Valve we produce has a metric size of 12 millimetres and also has a height of 12 millimetres. Which make you able to install the Compact Drain Valve in the narrowest spaces. Femco® has also developed extra small drain connectors especially for the compact oil drain valve, to make it simpler to connect the drain hose where space is limited.

A customised Compact Drain Valve

The Compact Drain Valve (which is produced form a diameter of 12 millimetres and above) is made for a large range of thread types. We can supply you with a drain valve with UNS, BSP, UNF, NPT and metric thread types. On the product page you can get all the information about our oil drain systems, and their different advantages. For questions about our oil Compact oil drain plug, or for advise please contact us.