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Mobile Service Unit - MSU100

Draining oil with the MSU100

Femco® has designed and engineered several oil extractor pumps to service your equipment in the workshop or in the field. This oil extractor pump has a capacity of 100 litres for waste oil. To operate the MSU100 you only need an air compressor with a minimum capacity of 6BAR. The airline is connected to the Mobile Service Unit and in 2-5 minutes a vacuum is created. This vacuum allows you to drain up to 43 litres of waste oil at the rate of 10 litres per minute. When the MSU100 is full you simply empty the tank by using the airline to create pressure inside the tank.

Perform oil changes everywhere in the workshop

The MSU100 has a side mounted level indicator. The Femco® Click-Drain couplings on the MSU100 allow you to work with only one hose. When oil needs to be drained from the equipment the hose is connected to the Femco® plug on the top of the machine. Then to empty the oil extractor pump the hose is simply connected to the Femco® plug on the bottom of the unit. With no hose connected to the unit and/or equipment it is sealed off by the valve in the coupling, any oil remaining in the hose will not run out. Once the vacuum is created, you can disconnect the air supply and locate the MSU100 close to your equipment to enable draining. It is also possible to keep the air supply connected and drain more than 43 litres in one session.

Unique selling points (USPS):

  • Storage for 100 litres waste oil
  • 10 litres per minute, where normal vacuum units reach only 2-5 litres per minute
  • Only air supply is required (6>BAR)
  • Easy to connect to the equipment
  • Easy to empty
  • Easy to operate

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