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Mobile Service Unit - MSU250M


The MSU250M is the solution for the service in the field


The oil extractor pump MSU250M is the solution for medium sized service in the field. Femco® also offers you the option to custom build this MSU to your requirements. Whether you need a compressor, genset, a hose reel, storage for new oil or all of them. This MSU is built to your requirements. The foundation of the MSU250M is always a 250litre waste oil storage base. Which conforms to the dimensions of a standard Euro pallet. Femco® chose this size because it will fit your, van, pick-up truck or trailer. Starting with this as the base we can custom build your MSU250M.

Power and air supply on site


When you need both power and air on site a power generator with built-in air compressor is a good option to use. The power supply and air supply can not only be used for the MSU250M but, of course, for other tools and equipment your maintenance crew works with. If you want your own power supply in the field and you don’t need air supply, Femco® can also build the MSU using a standard genset. The exact genset chosen will depend on which other machinery and tools you need to run at the same location. When a suitable power supply may be already available on site, but you need an additional air supply, Femco® can install the MSU with only an air compressor. This can be used to operate the air pump of the MSU250M or to feed other equipment and tools required on site.

Provided with the Femco® mobile pump


Depending on the choices you made for the previous accessories overleaf Femco® will advise you on the most suitable pump to choose. There are many different pumps available and when making the correct choice it is important to know, both type of oil and the average temperature of the oil during the maintenance. In some work situations, it might be convenient to locate the pump as close to the equipment as possible. For these occasions, we have designed a Mobile Pump which is stored in a plastic box to protect from rain, dirt and other contaminations. Besides this the MSU250M has enough space to fit either one or two hose reels. In consultation with our sales engineers we will advise you on the correct diameter and length of hose you may require.

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