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Mobile Service Unit - MSU400


Maximise productivity with the MSU400


Femco® has introduced a wide range of Mobile Service Units, developed specifically to enable servicing of your plant and equipment in situ. The MSU400 Oil Extractor Pump is designed to be fully portable and can be transported in any mid-sized commercial vehicle or van to enable on-site servicing. The MSU400 has capacity for 400 litres of oil (2 x 200 litre drums), and can be used for both draining and refilling oil. The oil tanks can be removed separately from the MSU for maintenance or service. For the heart of the MSU400 it is manufactured with a powerful vacuum pump which allows you to drain 25 litres of oil per minute.

Service your equipment on site

The MSU400 enables complete flexibility on the job. It can be transported to your worksite and securely left on site until the job is finished or until the MSU is needed at another location. As the MSU400 is portable and does not need to be fixed into the van, you do not need a dedicated vehicle for this unit. The MSU400 is fully self-operated, and comes with a Genset, pump and vacuum pump.

Unique selling points (USPS):

  • Constant speed of 25 litres per minute regardless of the temperature of the oil.
  • New oil storage can be removed from the unit. You do not need to remove the complete MSU400 from the vehicle to change the drums.
  • We have manufactured a special probe-filter, which allows you to keep the air hole closed so that no dust or dirt can contaminate your new oil.
  • Easy to operate with only 4 buttons.
  • Waste oil tanks can be removed from the MSU separately for maintenance or service.
  • Pre-set filler.


  • Capacity for 400 litres of new oil (2 x 200 litre drums)
  • Storage for 400 litres waste oil
  • Filling pump of 25 litres per minute
  • Vacuum pump
  • Low noise Genset
  • Net weight 830 kg
  • Pre-set filler

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