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Quick Drain Plug

Femco® Drain Technology is always developing new oil drain plugs. We are always aiming to develop new oil draining systems which are even easier or quicker to work with. Femco® Drain Technology wants to create an oil drain plug for every application. The Femco® Quick Drain plug is our latest development. The Quick Drain plug is specially created to drain oil from fixed machinery and hydraulic systems in a quick and easy way.

Two in One Oil Drain Plug

The Quick Drain plug is a two-in one solution which combines a drain plug with a drain connector. This means you only have to fix a hose onto the drain plug when it’s time for an oil change. This oil drain plug is particularly suitable for fixed equipment such as generator sets. The Quick Drain plug has a locking system to ensure an effective seal. This enables you to drain and exchange oil and other fluids in an environmental friendly way.

The material used for the Quick Drain plug is solid brass. Brass is a heat resistant material which prevents injuries on the work floor, and makes sure you can change hot oil safely. The Quick Drain plug is installed once in your machines. This prevents damage to the oil sump thread and to the machine itself.

Possibilities of the Quick Drain Plug

The Quick Drain plug is like our other oil drain plugs available in the tread types: UNF, metric, NPT, BSP and UNS. And you can order the Quick Drain Plug in a tread size ranging from 12 to 22 millimetres. Want to know more about the oil drain systems? On our product page you can find all information about our oil drain plug. If you are looking for further information about the quick drain plug and it’s applications, please contact us.