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Standard Oil Drain Plug

The Femco® Standard oil drain plug is the perfect solution for removing fluids from your machines, vehicles, and hydraulic systems. Our Standard oil drain plug is specifically designed to change oil effectively and without a risk of polluting the environment, to help you meet your sustainability objectives. Femco® Drain Technology specialises in the development and production of high-quality oil drain systems.

Safe and Environmental Friendly Oil Change

The Femco® oil drain plug also helps you prevent wastage. They enable you to change oil and other fluids without risk of pollution. The Femco® oil drain plug is machined from solid brass. This high-quality material ensures that you can change hot oil and other fluids safely. You only need to install the Standard oil drain plug once, this way you prevent damage to the oil sump thread. The oil drain plug is the perfect solution to prevent problems with broken drain plugs and stripped threads.

The ingress of dirt between the thread and the dust cover is prevented by the dust cover and twin O-rings. This makes it easy to remove the cover and start the oil change. If you make use of a Femco® drain connector the oil flows through a sealed system into the waste oil container or suction unit. This way you make sure that no waste oil leaks out and needs cleaning up.

Possibilities of the Standard Oil Drain Plug

Our Standard oil drain plug can be used for many applications. And is produced in many sizes and types between a thread size of 12 millimetres and 38 millimetres. The thread types we use are metric, BSP, UNF, UNS and NTP. We also produce various sampling nipples for our Standard oil drain plug which make it easy to check if the oil needs to be changed. If you want to know more about our various oil drain systems you can take a look at our product page. Please contact us if you have any questions or require further information.