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XL Oil Drain Valve

Femco® Drain Technology is focused on innovation and continues to develop new oil drain plugs to make oil changes easier, with less risk of polluting the environment. One of our last innovations is the Femco® XL Oil Drain Valve. The XL Oil Drain Valve is specially developed to drain large volumes of oil or other fluids. And is the perfect solution for machines with a large oil capacity.

Huge Oil Changes

The largest XL Oil Drain Valve we produce has a metric size of 55 millimetres. The flow through the XL Oil Drain Valve is optimised and the flow rate of oil or other fluids can be up to 48% higher than through a Standard oil drain plug. This enables you to drain larger volumes in a short time. The use of a XL Oil Drain Valve can lead to huge time savings, especially when you work with machines, vehicles and hydraulic systems with a large oil capacity.

A Femco® XL Oil Drain Valve

The Femco® XL Oil Drain Valve is made of solid brass. This high-quality metal is heat resistant and ensures a safe work environment. The XL Oil Drain Valve is designed the same way as our other oil drain plugs, and needs to be installed once. And like our other oil drain plugs it is always easy to remove the dust cover of the XL Oil Drain Valve, due to the design of the dust cover which contain a double O-ring. It is also possible to use the Xl Oil Drain Valve in combination with a Femco® XL drain connector, with the drain connector you have full control of the flow of oil into the waste oil container or suction unit. This prevents oil leaks, and ensures a clean work environment.

XL sizes and possibilities

Our XL Oil Drain Valve (diameter 27 mm and above) is available with a wide range of thread types: metric, UNF, BSP, NPT and UNS. Femco® can also copy nonstandard threads. On our product page you can read all about our different oil drain plugs. And on the on the relevant application page you can read all about the advantages of our oil draining systems. Please contact us if you have any questions or require further information.