The wind energy industry’s leading coatings supplier

Unrivalled experience in offshore protection
Hempel coatings were used on the world’s first offshore wind farm in Thunoe Knob in Denmark in 1995, and since then we have developed unrivalled expertise in offshore wind farm protection. Today, our coatings protect more than 50 per cent of offshore and onshore towers around the globe, as well as many foundations. The world’s first offshore wind farm is still going strong. The ten 500kw turbines were inspected in 2014 and the coating system was found to be in near perfect condition. It should last another 5-10 years, giving it a total lifetime of more than a quarter of a century.

Pioneering solutions for onshore wind turbines
Over the years, Hempel has pioneered many solutions for onshore wind turbines that have gone on to become industry standards. We launched the world’s first two-coat system for onshore wind towers in 2008, for example, to help manufacturers increase production speeds. Today, around 80 per cent of wind tower producers using a two-coat system choose Hempel.
Speciality coatings for concrete towers
With many years’ experience of producing coatings for both concrete and steel, Hempel is uniquely placed to assist in the development of the fledgling concrete tower industry. Concrete towers are cheaper to produce than steel ones, but they require specific coatings. Hempel’s range includes specially developed waterborne coatings for concrete towers that offer long-term protection and can be robot-spray applied.