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Fuel Additives

Known for our greases and engine oils, Schaeffer also produces of premium quality fuel additives. These additives extend engine and component life, increase fuel economy and improve overall engine efficiency and performance.

In the 1950s, Schaeffer introduced Neutra Fuel Stabilizer, our first line of fuel additives. Since then, we continue to improve its fuel additive formula, engineering additives with functions and benefits specific to industry, current EPA mandates, fuel type and climactic conditions.

Research and Development

Every product we formulate undergoes a rigorous testing and development process – and our fuel additives are no exception. Along with laboratory testing to ensure quality and compatibility, each product is also subjected to a battery of field trials to verify it meets our stringent performance standards. Assessments include repetitive dynomometer testing and track tests conducted at the Transportation Research Center in East Liberty, Ohio.

Additionally, Schaeffer's Fuel Doctor analysis program provides a prevention strategy by detecting and eliminating contaminants such as water, sludge and microorganisms.

Industries Served

Schaeffer's current line of fuel additives have been developed to satisfy the needs of drivers and operators in a variety of industries, including over-the-road trucking, agriculture, construction, mining and even competitive racing. The products are formulated with additives for both summer and winter conditions, as well as environmentally-friendly soy-based products and conditioner products designed to protect large fuel supplies during storage.