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Gear Lubricants and Oils

Gear oils to provide protection against oxidation, corrosion, geartooth wear & bearing distress

Schaeffer is pioneering new concepts in lubrication that dramatically reduce twelve month bottom line operating costs. Our Bottom Line Cost Reduction Program focuses on reducing total maintenance costs. It's not the "cost to buy," it's the "cost to use" that matters. Results from this program demonstrate your company can reduce lubricant related costs by 30%.

Other Gear Oils

Moly Gear Lubricant SAE 80W-140

A shear stable, thermally stable and durable, multi-grade gear lubricant recommended for use in all types of automotive gear drive applications.

Supreme Gear Lubricant

Supreme Gear Lube is a multi-purpose thermally stable synthetic blend gear lubricant recommended for use in enclosed industrial and automotive gear drives.

Supreme Lube

A multi-purpose thermally stable and thermally durable synthetic blend gear lubricant recommended for use in all types of enclosed industrial and automotive gear drives where extreme pressure characteristics are needed.

Synthetic Food Grade Gear Oil

H-1 and USDA listed lubricant designed for all enclosed gear drives.

The latest innovations and technologies

To create our gear oils, Schaeffer starts with the latest innovative technology in base stocks and additives. We combine 100% pure paraffin base oils with the finest quality synthetic base stocks to produce a base oil that stands a higher heat range (up to 250ºF more than conventional oils) and operates at colder temperatures (as low as -40ºF).

In addition to superior quality base stocks, we incorporate the latest generation of extreme pressure (EP) additive chemistry used in formulating gear lubricants. Our unique formula is non-corrosive to copper, brass and bronze components and can be used where previously only non-EP oils were recommended.

We also incorporate friction modifiers and solid lubricants that act as "backstop" lubricants against shock loads that squeeze the oil film out.

Gear wear performance:

When you consider all the costs involved whenever equipment breaks down or becomes inefficient due to gear oil problems, it just makes financial sense to use superior-grade products to extend the lives of oil and machinery and keep those man-hours productive.

An annual savings of 30% using Schaeffer Oils, rather than conventional brands, can be expected. You'll use fewer lubricants,plus your labor and energy costs will drop.